Science, Religion and Tolerance 

Helmut Moritz

Table of Contents:


Part A. Science, Logic and Mathematics
1. Classical Mechanics
2. Mathematics
3. Informal reasoning and fuzzy logic
4. Gauss' theory of measuring errors
5. Theory and reality: can we draw a circle?
6. Logic and algorithmic thinking
7. Logical paradoxes and antinomies
8. Gödel's theorem
9. Multi-level and dialectic thinking

Part B. Philosophy
10. The basic subject-object structure of experience
11. Kant's conditions a priori
12. Infinity in mathematics, philosophy and theology
Part C. Some Remarks on Religion
13. God and existence
14. Kant and German idealism
15. The transcendental theology of Karl Rahner
16. A simple geometrical analogy
17. Gödelian reasoning again
18. Tolerance

APPENDIX 1. Simplified logical structures
A1.1. Monadic structures
A1.2. Dipolar structures
A1.3. Triadic structures

APPENDIX 2. A contemporary Platonic world view

APPENDIX 3. Why I am a Christian

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