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Gottfried Anger Helmut Moritz

Gottfried Anger (left-hand picture): Born 12 May 1928 in Radebeul (near Dresden, Germany). 1947-1951 study of mathematics and electronics, Technical University Dresden (TUD). 1957 Dr.rer.nat., TUD. Since 1952 Assistant, TUD. Main research topics: modern potential theory, inverse problems for elliptic partial equations; and their applications; in this connection, various scholarships at the most distinguished centers Paris (Brelot, Choquet, 1958), Budapest and Szeged (1959), and Moscow and Novosibirsk (1972). 1963 -1972 at the Institute for Pure Mathematics, Academy of Sciences, Berlin. 1972 Professor of Mathematics, TUD, 1993 Emeritus. Great interest in interdisciplinary and international work. 1993 organizer of the international conference "Inverse Problems: Principles and Applications in Geophysics, Technoiogy and Medicine" in Potsdam, in cooperation with several institutions and scientists.

Helmut Moritz (right-hand picture): Born 1 November 1933 in Graz (Austria). 1951 - 1956 study of geodesy, Technical University Graz (TUG). 1959 Dr.techn. Main research topics: physical geodesy, gravitational field,  inverse problems in geodesy and geophysics. Since 1955 various positions at TUG, Geodetic Service of Austria, Ohio State University, and Technical University Hannover. 1964-1971 Professor of Physical Geodesy at Technical University Berlin, 1971 Professor of Geodesy, TUG, 2002 Emeritus. Great interest in interdisciplinary and international work. 1991 -1995 President of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Cooperating with Anger since the eary seventies and also in his symposium mentioned above.

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